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The content of this page was developed from the research of
Ms. Nancy Morse, Dr. Gary Simons, and Dr. Paul Frank.

Lexicon format

In conformity with best practice, the Sáliba wordlist was archived in the following formats.

  1. The words and glosses themselves were saved in XML. View raw XML file
  2. Images of the original 15-page wordlist were stored in TIFF format.
  3. The original cassette recording was digitized in WAV format.

As well as providing the data in these best practice formats, Dr. Gary Simons provided E-MELD with an XSL stylesheet that can be used to display the Sáliba wordlist online. The three data formats above – text, image and audio – were prepared for presentation as follows.

  1. The XSL stylesheet was prepared that would transform the raw XML file into an HTML page.
  2. The original 15-page wordlist was stored as archival quality TIFF files that were transformed to GIFs for Web presentation, a file format for smaller (in terms of file size) but lower quality images.
  3. The single large archival WAV file of the entire elicitation session was broken into many small files, one per word.

View the Sáliba documentation in best practice presentation format.

Follow the path of the Sáliba data

  1. Get Started: Summary of the Sáliba conversion
  2. Digitize Audio: Digitizing Audio page (Classroom)
  3. Digitize Images: Digitizing Images page (Classroom)
  4. Digitize Text: XML page (Classroom)
  5. Create Metadata: Metadata page (Classroom)
  6. Web Presentation: Stylesheets page (Classroom)

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