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Ultrasound imaging of the tongue of a native speaker of Navajo, reading a wordlist emphasizing sh and s, laterals, and prefix-noun utterances. Wordlist read by Elise Whitehead. Recorded at Haskins Laboratories in 2005. Transcription by Joyce McDonough. Time-alignment of transcription with video and audio by JD Ross Leahy. Contributed by Doug Whalen.

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  1. Get started: Summary of the Navajo conversion
  2. Digitize audio: Audio pages (Classroom)
  3. Digitize video: Video page (Classroom)
  4. Convert characters to Unicode: Conversion page (Classroom)
  5. Align text: Interlinearized glossed text pages (classroom)
  6. Annotate video: Annotation page (Classroom)
  7. Store text: XML page (Classroom)
  8. Present video: Stylesheets page (Classroom)

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Navajo Video
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