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Basic Phonological Rules

Navajo stems typically have the phonotactic structure CV or CVC, while prefixes typically take the for of CV or C. Navajo incorporates phonemic tone: short vowels and diphthongs alternate between high and low tone, while long vowels and vowel clusters have rising or falling tone.

Navajo Orthography

Navajo has a working orthography, created by Robert Young and William Morgan in the 1930s. This orthography combined systems that were developed by earlier Franciscan and Protestant missionaries. See Tables 1 and 2 below.

Table 1: Consonants

Note: in this chart, in cases where voicing distinction occurs, voiced consonants come first

Labial Alveolar/Dental Alv/Pal Affricates Lateral Palatal Velar Labiovelar Glottal
Stops b d t dz ts dl tł j ch g k kw '
Ejectives t' ts' tł' ch' k'
Fricatives z s l ł zh sh gh x h, hw
Nasals m n
Glides y w

Table 2: Vowels

Note: in this chart, oral 'a', nasal 'ą', long oral 'aa', long nasal 'ąą'. Diphthongs: ei, ai, ao, oi

Front Central Back
High i, ii, ɩ, ɩɩ o, oo, ǫ, ǫǫ
Mid e, ee, ę, ęę
Low a, aa, ą, ąą

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Navajo Phonology
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