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The content of this page was developed from the research of Dr. Nicholas Evans, Dr. Baden Hughes, Ms. Cathy Bow
and Dr. Steven Bird.


Like most Australian languages, Kayardild lacks fricatives altogether and has no voicing distinction. The language accompanies each of its six distinctive stops with a homorganic nasal. Kayardild also incorporates both a laminal and an apical distinction, but lacks the dorsal distinction that is additionally found in some Australian languages.

Kayardild Consonant Chart
    Bilabial  Apico-
Stop p (b) t (d)   ʈ (rd)   t̪ (th) c (j)   k (k)
Nasal m (m) n (n)   ɳ (rn)   n̪ (nh) ɲ (ny)   ŋ (ng)
Lateral      l (l)    
Rhotic r (rr) ɹ (r)    
Semi-vowel   w (w)     j (y)  


Kayardild has a basic vowel system, making use of only three places of articulation. Vocalic length is distinctive in Kayardild, so the language has six phonemic vowels.

Kayardild Vowel Chart
  Front Central Back
High i (i)
iː (ii)
   u (u)
uː (uu)
Low    a (a)
aː (aa)

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