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The WikiProject: Linguistics

Not all project work that The LINGUIST List does is funded by an outside organization. The LINGUIST List's Wikipedia Update Project was an experimental project offered as a community service to its subscribers. Its major goal was to organize a community effort among linguists worldwide to update Wikipedia articles focused on linguistics and languages. Many of these articles needed to be expanded, merged with other articles, or have references and citations added to make them more complete and coherent as stand-alone articles.

Since the fundamental tenet of Wikipedia is that anyone can edit its articles, it seemed natural for LINGUIST to encourage its subscribers to participate in this way for the greater good of the discipline. Although LINGUIST is no longer actively involved in organizing these updates, it strongly encourages others who seek to improve the quality and accuracy of linguistics articles in Wikipedia to become involved. Individuals may join the larger WikiProject Linguistics page and contribute to making Wikipedia a truly valuable and reliable resource for the discipline.