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We Have a New Site!

The old LINGUIST List website will soon be retired. Please visit us at!


Local events that are of interest for only the local linguistic community in the region, as for example colloquium talks, research group meetings, book or project exhibitions and presentations, and other linguistically relevant public or local community events) can be posted using GeoLing. You can find a brief description for local announcement submission on the GeoLing HOWTO page.

To begin, choose the topic of your post below. Please note: there are three general requirements for posting to the main LINGUIST lists (LINGLITE and LINGUIST):

  • Linguistic Relevance: the message must contain substantial linguistic content, as opposed to, for example, literary or computational.
  • Global Relevance: the message must be relevant to linguists everywhere, and should not target only those in a specific locality.
  • Academic Relevance: the message should have a wide interest in the linguistic community, and the writer should be well-informed about the topic being discussed. Content should not be too basic, redundant, or easily referenced.

Additional information can be found on our General Policies and Topic Classification page. Please address questions to linguist

Conference calls for papers and journal calls should go under their own headings. Please submit Calls for Workshop Proposals, Calls for Book Chapters, and Working Papers Series (no ISSN) as FYIs.

We are happy to announce the beta release of our new submission form! To help us make improvements to this new interface, please give the form a try here. The form currently supports Discussions, FYIs, Internships, Jobs, Media, Notices, Obituaries, Queries, Software, Summaries, and Supports. submissions. Other posting areas are still in the works so stay tuned!
For a more detailed introduction on the beta release, check out our blog post.

Topic of your posting:

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Please note that if you use your private email, it will appear in the issue as who the submission was sent from.